About us

Datu Biotech Company located is one of China’s top professional pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer. We are one of the largest export pharmaceutical enterprises, which provide steroids, peptides and related pharmaceutical raw materials. We provide best products and service to Worldwide as USA, UK, Brazil, Australia, France, Poland, Italy, India, Thailand...

Datu Biotech Company has its own Q.A. & Q.C department could provide the test report, the factory has advanced and complete equipment such as high-pressure liquid chromatograph, gaschromatograph, ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

Datu Biotech Company is your number one sourcing when you are searching for a reliable and reputed partner. We also have rich experience for safe and fast delivery, package, customs clearance. Here you can get superior quality products, unbeatable prices, effectiveness, safety, discretion, fast shipping, and total satisfaction guaranteed. We know that the trust is the only key for any business. We have gained faith and have seen confidence in our customer and that is the reason we are getting repeat customer.