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What is HGH secretion dynamics?

HGH secrets in a pulsating way as every 3-5 hours its level increases from 1 up to 5-10 ng/ml. The highest peak is observed in first hours of the night when 70 % of the GH daily amount is secreted.

HGH level decreases with age. The process of HGH diminishing runs since birth and continues until death. The most dramatic decrease is observed when a person reaches 30. In this age, many people begin to experience symptoms of GH deficiency. The pituitary of a teenager secrets 2 mg (about 6 IU) of HGH each day, this level decreases to 0,75 mg (2 iu) at 20, and to 0,2 mg at the early forties.

The number of daily secretions decreases as well – from 8 to 4 with age. The decrease of HGH is connected with changes in appearance, such as the loss of muscle mass, fat gaining, or occurring of wrinkles.