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What is HGH response to aerobic?

The experiment by W.M. Hunter [9] has proved that aerobic exercises can greatly increase HGH secretion up to 40- 100 ng/ml (look at the pic), which is higher than the average daytime level by 8-20 times! It is caused by the high level of fat acids observed during the aerobic workout, which sends a signal to the pituitary to secrete growth hormone for utilization of the fatty acids.

Methods to induce growth hormone secretion include:

o  The optimal time for aerobic is 1 hour. Most of HGH is released during this period.

o Don’t eat carbs one hour before jogging.

o Protein consumption before jogging can increase HGH level, but fat burning will be harder in this case.

o Do it in the morning when the level of blood sugar is low.