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How does HGH work?

Growth hormone influences the body both by itself only and through so-called somatomedins – A, B, C.

IGF-1 has significant anabolic effects. Most of the HGH effects,  including the muscle growth, fat burning, healing of injuries, muscle cell division, are performed by the IGF-1.

It is produced mostly by the liver, and, in low amounts, by muscle, bone, and skin tissue. Then IGF-1 circulates to tissues and enhances their growth.

IGF-2 (insulin-like growth factor) is responsible for child growth before birth. IGF-2 divides body cells, including muscle and bone cells. Researchers have discovered [1], that IGF-2 local injections stimulate bone development.

Vitronectin – its functions haven’t been fully discovered yet, but the research shows that vitronectin is likely to have some anabolic functions.

Also, GH influences body on its own, by increasing metabolic velocity (REE) by 20%, which is useful for fat loss [2].