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What forms of growth hormone exist?

o Pills and capsules. It isn’t HGH in the original meaning because growth hormone gets destroyed in the stomach without giving any effects. Pills and capsules contain special secretagogues that help the organism to produce its own HGH. The most common ingredients are arginine, ornithine, and other amino acids that can increase HGH. However, the price for such products is 5-10 times higher than the real price of their ingredients.

o HGH sprays and patches. It’s the similar story. There are only 2 differences: way of use and price.  While we eat HGH pills and they are digested in the stomach, HGH spray is taken sublingually, i.e. spray under a tongue, where capillaries absorb the substance into the bloodstream. HGH sprays cost even more than HGH pills because of their more respectable form.

HGH patches don’t have a clear mechanism of action. They seem to be a kind of scam.

o HGH injections. It is the only possible form of real growth hormone. The hormone can be injected intramuscularly and subcutaneously. The second variant is more effective. rHGH is completely the same as original human growth hormone. However, it contains bacterial residue, and if purity of growth hormone is low, it can cause immune response