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Experience and HGH dosage

Results you get depend on not only your experience with growth hormone but also your results in bodybuilding at all. If you run HGH for the first time and your body is relatively “natural” and weak, you need a lower dosage, about 4-6 IUs. And if you are an experienced guy (I am sure you know your HGH dosage), you need more, up to 10 IUs. Only professional athletes need a higher amount.

Cycle duration

The shorter your cycle is, the more HGH you need. The optimal duration of HGH cycle is 3-4 months, but you can cut it and run only for 1-2 months, for example on cutting. But in this case, you will need more growth hormone.

Short cycles (1-2 months) will improve the state of your cartilage, heal joint traumas and improve the state of skin. Due to the improvements in the cartilage, you will experience a nice rise in strength.

Also, short cycles are perfect for intensive cutting because HGH prevents muscle loss during dietary restriction (which is the main problem of cutting) and possess strong fat burning potency.

Experiments with women showed that females who were taking HGH had 30% higher fat-burning rate than women who had only diet restriction [1].

Long cycles with a relatively low dosage are better for bodybuilding than short cycles. Longer duration is great because you can burn fat without a diet and, at the same time, get efficient muscle gains.

Another advantage is hyperplasia, due to which growth hormone can induce division of skeletal muscle cells, thus significantly increasing your bodybuilding potential. [picture]

Also, long cycles help you achieve the more significant improvements in skin, nails, and hair, as well as heal old traumas.

When choosing you cycle duration and HGH dosage, remember that a shorter cycle with the high dosage shows stronger side effects than a long one. However, long using of HGH increases risks of antibodies occurring. Antibodies significantly decrease the efficacy of growth hormone.

When to inject HGH?

GH has the strongest fat-burning effect when the level of sugar and insulin is low. So, the best time to inject HGH is morning, o an empty stomach. If you are on cutting, it is the best time to run because for the level of free fatty acids in the blood will be very high for the next three hours, and it will be much easier to lose fat.

Even if you are on bulking, you should take the first injection in the morning.

The second one should be taken 6-8 hours later, when the levels of IGF-1 and HGH decrease. However, you can inject HGH before going to bed instead. Both injections should be equal.

What diet should I keep when using HGH for bodybuilding?

The rule is to eat as much as you can because it is hard to gain fat when using HGH, so all calories will go to muscles.

You need to increase your protein consumption up to 3 g/kg and eat lots of carbohydrates. You can eat fast food if you want, but don’t abuse it.

Eat every two-three hours to keep anabolism high. To eat more, you can consume protein and a weight gainer between taking traditional meals.

As growth hormone increases your blood sugar, which, in turn, suppresses appetite, you can take special supplements to improve your appetite.